Welcome to The World of Cars Maths in Motion - an exciting, competitive and fun Challenge for everyone - no matter what your age!

Our software recreates the thrills and spills of high speed motor racing and our races feature drivers from all over the world; they are REAL people; they are YOU! Each driver gets to design and set up their own racing car using a mixture of basic maths skills and personal decision making.

The rules are easy... get your maths right, make the correct decisions and you will stand a chance of winning a race......... get your maths wrong and you run the risk of crashing your car, blowing up the engine or not even make it to the starting line! What could be simpler?

Can you become a World Champion racing driver? Sign up now to find out!

Use real-world maths

Only you will be in charge of deciding what speeds you race at, what tyres you need, the amount of fuel you have in your tank, what chances you are prepared to take and a whole lot more besides!

The maths needed to set up your car is at a level suitable to most from ages 8+ and the software comes complete with all the information you need to help you set up your car and understand what you need to do.

Apart from the sheer excitement of taking part in a races, you will also improve your understanding of how maths can be applied and used in 'real life' situations.

Used by 1,000,000+ children

The software has already been used by over 1,000,000 children and teachers in their schools and is now, for the first time ever, open to allcomers in the comfort of their own homes!

It is based on real race data and simulates a race using the data you (and the other drivers!) have entered, no-one else! It has been designed and fine tuned over the many years that it has been used for the Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge for Schools and has won several educational Awards along the way.

Race around the world

Race at real circuits all around the world!

Using real race data, Cars Maths in Motion is based on actual race circuits and has been proven to have worldwide appeal. Famous circuits mix with the less well known and circuits from yesteryear, allowing you to pit your wits against a variety of conditions!

As well as our standard circuits, from time to time 'special' circuits appear, giving you something unusual to try!

Compete against others

As well as competing against computer-controlled cars whenever you like, lots of special races run through the year for both home users and schools.

There are races for specific age categories and races for all-comers, allowing you to compete against the very best from all over the world!

Some races are just for fun, some have prizes for the best...

Whether you are taking part on your own at home or as part of a team in the schools' Challenge, we can promise you a great experience so join in the fun today and get your engines revving!

I have never seen so many children in the same place at the same time enjoying mathematics so much in all my life! This is an absolutely wonderful project to get involved in and, without doubt, it will show that mathematics can be fun for most people. In my opinion, every school should enter the Jaguar Challenge and reap the benefit of the enthusiasm and motivation that it undoubtedly creates. –Dame Wendy Davies, Associate Director, Specialist Schools & Academies Trust