The World of Cars Maths in Motion includes two Challenges that are exclusively for schools

These Challenges are the cornerstone of a Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC Corporate Social Responsibility initiative whereby we hope to have involved 2,000,000 schoolchildren in the Challenges by 2020. This initiative hopes to encourage young people to consider taking up a career in engineering by demonstrating that maths can be fun and relevant to today's workplace.

If you would like to find out how your school can take part in either or both of these Challenges, please click here or contact us at

Jaguar Cars UK Primary and Secondary Schools

This Challenge is for students attending UK primary and Secondary schools up to, and including, age 16. The Challenge runs throughout the year and Culminates in a National Final, which is normally held in June.

Apart from integrating the project into the classroom, it lends itself perfectly to being the main stay of a STEM/Maths Club activity.

Many schools have also used to Challenge to help them with their transition years work as the software sits perfectly well from age 8 upwards and across most ability levels.

Jaguar Cars International Challenge

This Challenge is primarily intended for schools outside of the UK.

It is run along the same lines as the UK Challenge and is open to children in an 8 to 16 Age Range but there is just one competition - 'All Against All'!

Realising that many schools around the world are 'twinned up' with each other, we do not want to stop anyone from getting involved so UK schools are eligible to take part in this challenge (additional licence required), provided they are already participating in the UK Challenge.

There is no doubt in my mind that you do not fully understand the impact you are having on the classrooms of this country! To see whole year groups, encompassing all abilities, WANTING to do the mathematics involved in CMIM is truly amazing. We have an after school Club and the software is fully integrated in our Year 5/6 Scheme of Work but by a mile, the main benefit is that my pupils become enthusistic and totally immersed for the subject in a way that I have never before seen. The understanding and application of what they are doing is simply awesome! –Kevin O'Donnell, St. Joseph's RCP School, Stockton-on-Tees

The 'Cars Maths in Motion' program has motivated pupils from all ability sets. They voluntarily spend time in their lunchtimes or after school working on the project. We are here every Friday for well over an hour after school has finished, with NOT the 'select few' but pupils of different age groups & different abilities. The success has given our school Maths Dept. a good reputation locally. All this in a school that was one step away from special measures. We were in the 'Need to Improve' category and that’s just what this project helped us do. –Linda Phillips – Head of Maths, Mill Vale School, Dunstable

We will be taking part in the next 'Cars Maths in Motion' Challenge without a doubt. The confidence it creates in mathematics and the other STEM subjects is worth it alone! One of our quieter girls, who was just about average in maths, has gone from 4a to a predicted 5a in two terms and can also now talk for England!
This software seems to create things that nothing else I have ever used can! We also have a pupil who would not talk to anyone, including her teachers, in school. However, we spotted that she did speak to her friends when they were doing 'Cars' so we developed some lesson plans in other subject areas but dressed them up as relating to the program. Problem solved!! –Garth Hall, Peel Park Primary School, Bradford

We have been using this program with our bottom and middle set pupils for just one term and the difference in both attitude and achievement has been nothing short of amazing. Maths is no longer something for 'the other kids' – they all want to get involved in it! On a personal note, I have to say that I've found the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable – it has really put some oomph back into everybody! –Heather Reniecke, Coombe Dean School, Plymouth